Waking in a Hotel in Kathmandu

I visited India and Nepal for the first time on a Buddhist pilgrimage led by Shantum Seth in 2007. The following is from my 2008 trip to India, Nepal, and Tibet.

This is from the 2007 pilgrimage, when we crossed the border from India via tour bus (not plane, as I did in 2008)

I’m in the hotel in Kathmandu. It’s shortly after 4:30 am. But I’ve been in bed for hours — I have a virus (as in hacking up yellow phlegm). I woke in a train’s sleeper car at about 4 am. I have a slight touch of altitude sickness since flying from…



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S. E. Wigget

Outside Medium, I mostly write fiction, especially paranormal and historical fantasy, under either S. E. Wigget or Susan E. Wigget. Substack coming.