The Fascist Propaganda Collection

S. E. Wigget
4 min readNov 14, 2023

NOTE: I wrote an earlier version of this kvetching essay before I noticed that the mailing was from the Bradford Exchange, not just a similar organization.

This is the vomitous brochure the Hamilton Collection sent me. I tore it up and am returning it.

Glancing at their mailings, you’d assume The Hamilton Collection is like the Bradford Exchange. A second glance at the return envelope has confirmed… it is the Bradford Exchange. I never would have thought what used to be considered a cultured organization… normalizes fascism!

The Hamilton Collection, apparently a series of ornaments from the Bradford Exchange, has gone full-on fascist. They sent me an ad for an ornament… with the face of the sexual predator neo-Nazi narcissistic psychopath who squatted in the White House for four years and led an attempted insurrection. This mailing celebrates him. I’m not making this up.

I did a cursory online search for “Hamilton Collection.” It appears to be known for selling porcelain and other collectibles — which I associate with the Bradford Exchange. I did the same search but added “fascist,” but “Hamilton Collection fascist” didn’t bring up any relevant essays or articles. Maybe nobody wants to draw attention to this. Or people consider decorations, such as these Xmas ornaments, are trivial… even though the Bradford Exchange normalizes fascism and election denial via Xmas ornaments. I mean it’s trivial compared to the overall rise of fascism in the U. S. and around the world.

But… organizations creating fascist collectibles and normalizing what the Hamilton Collection is normalizing is part of the dystopia, the enabling of fascists.

“Official” like blue checkmarks are official nowadays on the Dumpster Fire Formerly Known as Twitter

It’s possible I may have purchased collectibles from the Bradley Exchange back in the 1980s, when I was a teenager and was already collecting porcelain dolls. (My tastes have evolved, and nowadays I prefer antique Japanese dolls.) I used to think organizations like this were classy, and in more recent years I’ve thought of them as mainstream and uninteresting.

The Bradford Exchange used to be mainstream. It didn’t seem like an organization that would attempt to normalize white supremacy, fascism, fascist insurrections — you know, what anyone who…



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