Stop Projecting Your Selfishness onto Us, Breeders

S. E. Wigget
5 min readJan 11, 2022
Is it safe to come out of hiding yet? Nope.

I have absolutely never had interest in giving birth. I am in my fifties and have always been consistent about this. It sounds like an utterly horrifying and entirely unnecessary ordeal.

Plus… gross. Pregnancy reminds me of Alien. Bullies who harassed me for not being a breeder are parasitic enough.

I do not relate to breeding. I never have, and no amount of harassment has ever changed that. Breeders projecting their selfishness and narcissism onto non-breeders has never changed my mind or my nature.

Even in my thirties, relatives harassed me because I’m not a breeder and have absolutely no interest in being a breeder. If I said, “I don’t want to become a brain surgeon,” would they harass me for that? No, of course not. (That might not be the best comparison, since people with a patriarchal mindset don’t want women to become any kind of doctor… or apparently much of anything except baby-making machines.)

I know I’m stating the obvious when I say bullies who attack us for not having children are patriarchal in addition to narcissistic. Patriarchal bullies apparently feel threatened by women who are creative in ways that don’t involve giving birth. It’s especially bizarre when people know you’re extremely artistically creative… and harass you for not having children. Misogynists must piss their pants in fear at the notion of a woman or anyone of a marginalized gender experiencing success or self-actualization.

That might at least in part explain why, when I was a young woman working at B. Dalton Booksellers, smug and self-righteous Goddess-rejecting monotheist hypocrites came into my workplace and shoved their creepy patriarchal religion down my throat and attacked me for not sharing it. I don’t know whether it’s extreme arrogance or extreme stupidity, but you’d need at least one — arrogance or stupidity — to believe harassment can scare a young woman into joining your creepy patriarchal religion. Thanks to them, I shifted from being merely indifferent and uninterested in Xianity… to having an intense aversion toward it. So don’t expect me to listen to the pope.

If you’re the one person taking care of small children, you won’t have any time or energy to be yourself and fulfill an iota of your true potential — and…

S. E. Wigget

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