Stand Up Against Forced Birthers

S. E. Wigget
3 min readFeb 18, 2024

I wrote the following to my senators.

A mixed media art project I made in 2020 (acrylic paints, art paper, magazine clippings)

I am absolutely FURIOUS about power-tripping control freak misogynists taking away reproductive rights. They’ve destroyed Roe v. Wade, which was the minimum when it comes to abortion rights. Once they did that, bans began in shitstates, like they mistook The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood for a guidebook. These predators include Republifascist lawmakers, injustices assigned by the Orange Menace of Putrescence, and such disgusting organizations as the absurdly named “Alliance Defending Freedom” (actually the Alliance Destroying Freedom, unless they mean the “freedom” to oppress women and nonbinary people to perpetuate Christofascist white supremacist heteropatriarchy). Hospitals are refusing to deliver life-saving abortions — waiting until women are on the brink of death — because medical practitioners in shitstates like Texas are afraid of spending their lives in jail…. just for doing their jobs.

These predators pretend contraception is abortion because they want to ban contraception. They are determined to make women and even children as young as ten die in childbirth. They believe women and girls are nothing more than baby-making machines — they’re not even pretending they don’t want women dead, as you know if you read Jessica Valenti’s essential Substack, “Abortion, Every Day.” Florida lawmakers want not only women but also raped children to be forced to carry nonviable pregnancies.

The law proposed in Florida — forcing raped ten-year-olds to carry through with their pregnancies — is further proof that the forced birther movement has always been pro-rape. Bodily autonomy, reproductive rights, trans rights, the right to not be raped — all of these issues are interconnected, and fascists are against them all.

The horrors happening in Florida don’t only affect Florida: that shitstate is a fascist testing ground for what fascists can get away with on the national level. They’re using the Comstock Act — a zombie law that Democrats should have taken off the books decades ago.

These power-tripping control freak misogynists have always absurdly called themselves “pro-life” to cover up the fact that they’re just misogynists who are against abortion because without easy, full, and legal access to abortion, women and marginalized…



S. E. Wigget

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