Reproductive Rights Letters to Senators

S. E. Wigget
3 min readJun 9, 2022
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END THE SADISTIC HELMS AMENDMENT — which limits foreign abortion aid from the U. S. — and that includes now, when Russians use rape as a weapon of war on Ukrainians. It’s names after the segregationist Jesse Helms, who clearly hated Black people of all genders and women.

END THE SADISTIC HYDE AMENDMENT, which prevents federal funding for abortion.

Ever since the 2016 election, I’ve been unfathomably disgusted in this misogynation. Because the electoral college preferred a sexual predator neo-Nazi narcissistic sociopath dictator-wannabe to a woman president, we ended up with a monster who set us up with an illegitimate Supreme Court with a majority of fascists set on taking away the basic right to legal and safe abortion.

Roe v. Wade was never sufficient. It was always the minimum. For poor women and women of color, it has remained difficult to get abortions. And now fascists are on the brink of taking even that away.

I’m glad Oregon isn’t one of the fascist misogystates that are eagerly taking away this essential right. But Oregon needs to do more to compensate for misogystates. Oregon needs to have clinics — or hospitals — that perform abortion in every town and city. This idea came to me after I read that Planned Parenthood is opening a clinic in Ontario, Oregon, which is on the border with the fascist state of Idaho.

No country without safe and legal abortion is a democracy.

While Roe v. Wade isn’t enough — it’s the bare minimum of abortion rights — It’s time to codify Roe and kill the filibuster.

And one more letter:

Obviously that sexual predator Brat KavaNO and that fundamentalist cult member Coney Brown lied under oath (as I knew at the time, of course), when they claimed they wouldn’t let their beliefs affect their Supreme Court decisions. That is called perjury, and they need to be removed from the Supreme Court.

To quote umair haque on Medium: “Does it really take a goddamned genius to understand that a literal member of a fanatical religious cult is going to take away women’s rights? That a sexual predator is? That a coup-plotter will happily go on taking democracy away, slitting its throat, laughing while…



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