My New Dollhouse

S. E. Wigget
8 min readJul 26, 2021

New to me.

The front facade. It’s crooked because in this picture it’s lying on a hand cart.


This is so exciting: I bought a used dollhouse! This is perfect because my least favorite part is building the dollhouse — in this case, it’s already built. The facade needs some repairs and such, but I felt like starting on interior decorating. Today I painted primer inside.

I didn’t think to ask the seller about the dollhouse’s past — I’m so excited about its future. It looks like a child may have painted the interior, because the paint missed a few spots.

The dollhouse is Victorian style with a tower and mansard roof. I need to put some trim back on the exterior and do some other improvements… but I feel more like working on the interior — in other words, interior decorating on 1:12 scale (one inch equals one foot).

The interior before I started working on it

While painting, I started making up a story about the house. In the year 1884, Millicent the Aesthete inherited a farmhouse in Pennsylvania. She and her lifelong companion Jocelyn moved in and turned their new home into an artist community. There’s a large barn on the property, and they’ve converted it to a studio.


I painted more coats of primer on the dollhouse ceilings (4 coats! No more!). I also painted the interior of the attic room black — ditto the flat top of the roof.

I looked through bags and boxes of miniatures, but I need to do at least the wallpaper, flooring, and baseboards before putting miniatures into the dollhouse. Well, okay, I did put some in the attic. It would also make sense to wait until I’ve made and hung up curtains — but the curtain rods are on order and I only ordered them a few days ago.

I’m so excited about this dollhouse!

The interior with the first coat of primer


One room has wallpaper now — the dining room, 2 different wallpapers (dado). I started the wallpaper in another room. It’s a bit difficult when there are things like windows and stairs… so when I work on the…

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