Kansas Passed a Law in Favor of Examing Kids’ Genitals

S. E. Wigget
4 min readAug 29, 2023

The shitstate of Kansas has weaponized transphobia as an excuse to make it legal to examine the genitals of school kids.

My decor can be a bit odd.

Remember this whenever someone from Kansas smugly claims, “Kansas is a great place to raise kids!” Newsflash: it isn’t. It’s a great place to geta way with abusing kids, especially if they’re not cishet white males.

It doesn’t surprise me that Kansas legally enables sexual predators and pedophiles. No matter how often heterosexual groomers project their grooming onto us, it will never magically transfer.

Passing a law that enables rapists and pedophiles strikes me as very… Kansas. My mother was from Bigotville (Topeka), and an uncle whom I remember seeing at family reunions in Kansas — as in, he wasn’t banned from family reunions — raped my mother and three of her sisters when they were children. He could have done it many times.

Boys gang-raped her when she was fourteen.

During the time that I dwelled in Bigotville, Kansas in my thirties — only because I could live in the Craftsman house where my mother grew up and I didn’t pay rent — I could not be out alone in public and be seen by boys in their teens or early twenties without them verbally attacking me… merely for being femme. Imagine being trans in a hellhole like that. Imagine being a high school girl going to school surrounded by these misogynists.

If I was walking outdoors unaccompanied by a dog or other people, sometimes a man in a pickup truck would pull over to check on me — because of course an adult woman can’t take care of herself. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

During the time I dwelled in Bigotville, Kansas — a creepy place where I didn’t feel safe, was overwhelmed with how the culture was the polar opposite of my beliefs, and where I was suicidally depressed (because sociopaths have that effect on me), I noticed Kansas had laws indicating that batshit patriarchal Kansans believe sex is for oppressing women and…



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