Fascism is Fascism.

S. E. Wigget
3 min readOct 4, 2022

I’ve been saying this since 2017. Mainstream news and Democrats continue to avoid calling a spade a spade.

The “Refuse Fascism” podcast (as seen on the app Castbox) is essential listening. After listening to the episode “It Can, It Has, It is Happening Here” I felt inspired to write this post.

I’m so tired of media and Democratic politicians pussy-footing around the word “fascism.” Instead of calling fascists/neo-Nazis/white supremacists/white nationalist “fascists,” they call them “Conservatives,” “MAGA Republicans,” or at best “semi-fascists.” By trivializing or under-playing fascists and fascism, the media and politicians normalize it. They need to take is seriously and do all they can to quash American fascism.

If vast numbers of the population, including politicians, are systemically attacking reproductive rights, the rights of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people, Jews and Muslims, and… the rights of basically everyone who isn’t a cishet white male Christian, this is fascism.

I guess Biden said “semi-fascism” instead of “fascism” either because he’s not admitting it, or merely because fascists haven’t completely taken over the country. But we don’t need to wait until fascists have completely overthrown the government and put an actual dictator in the White House before we take this American fascism seriously. Donald Trump didn’t literally become dictator, but we attempted to, and the coup attempt on the part of fascists hasn’t ended. Election pole workers are enduring death threats and the like in a country that claims to be a democracy.

“‘There is nowhere I feel safe’: Election Workers Targeted by Trump Describe Flood of Sexist, Racist Threats”

So repeat after me:

The sexual predator neo-Nazi narcissistic sociopath dictator-wannabe who squatted in the White House for four years is a fascist.

Q-Anon is fascists. They’re more specifically neo-Nazis since they’re overtly antisemitic.

Greg Abbot is a fascist.

Ron Desantis is a fascist.

Ted Cruz — like every other politician who’s bizarrely a member of the government despite being an insurrectionist — is a fascist.



S. E. Wigget

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