Elon Musk Nightmare

S. E. Wigget
4 min readApr 8, 2024

I had a nightmare in which Elon Musk was in my house.

Screenshot after I deleted my Twitter account

He was harassing and threatening a friend of mine because she wrote the truth about him in frank terms on social media. He wouldn’t leave. The absurdity of it was on my mind even during the dream — but it was still scary.

I woke as it was starting to look hopeful: another friend arrived and loudly said something about the authorities arriving soon.

The Long Version:

First he announces (on tv) that he’s going to find the person who (he claims) ruined his reputation and get them to take it back and take it off social media.

I’m at home — in a big, contemporary house with plain white plaster walls (not my maximal bohemian style) — with three friends, all women. Two of them leave.

In comes Elon Musk, harassing and threatening my remaining friend in the living room. She’s a nice kid, a petite, twenty-three-year-old Jew with lovely dark, curly hair. She’s far more tech-savvy than me, but she’s not famous, not an influencer. When he barges in — trespassing — she’s seated on the living room floor — which has a thick, off-white carpet (very not my style, but typical of interiors in my dreams) — with an art project in front of her.

He stands over her, yelling and pointing a finger at her.



S. E. Wigget

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