Drawing Room Ghost (an excerpt)

S. E. Wigget
7 min readOct 23, 2023

Here’s a spooky story excerpt, set (like many of my stories) in a slightly different 1820s England.

I took this photo at Craigdorach Castle in Victoria, British Columbia. It isn’t Regency, but it’s a parlor or drawing room.

I set down his teacup. The other two blinked as it clinked against the saucer. “Would you be so kind as to show us where the ghost is located?”

“Yes, certainly.” Percy shifted. “It is the drawing room, of all places.”

Echoing my thoughts, Margot said, “The drawing room we have occupied countless times? We were there a fortnight past and sensed no spirits.”

Percy nodded. “Dashed nuisance, really. It was my favorite room until guests started shrieking and running out of it. I do not know what is all the fuss — it is not as though ghosts can harm people.”

Some can.” Margot rose from her chair.

“Is that so.” Percy raised his fine, pale eyebrows. I grimaced at a disturbing memory and nodded; I hoped to never again see a malignant ghost tear a child apart. That was the only ghost that ever gave me nightmares.

Percy waved a hand toward the door. “Here, let me take you to see this deuced annoying spirit.”

I nodded. “Yes, please lead the way.”

Percy did so, with Margot strolling behind him. With the tantalizing prospect of meeting a new ghost, I gladly followed them across the threshold and into the hallway.

When I entered the drawing room, Percy stood behind an armchair near the door. Margot was already halfway across the room. I silently crossed the room until I stood by Margot and with a glance noticed her staring toward the far corner.

Curious, I took a deep breath. My heart fluttered with faint anxiety and a knot in my throat. Something in the air was moving, humming.

I shivered convulsively. The room felt abnormally cold, especially for the month of July. Margot opened her mouth and blew out visible mist.

The room was quite elegant: pale blue walls with white trim and plasterwork. The furniture included finely carved armchairs and sofas and small, round tables. It hardly looked like a sinister, gothic setting for horror.

I peered in the direction of the far corner, where Percy had indicated the guests seemed to react most often. I stepped…



S. E. Wigget

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