Demon Banishment: A Novel Excerpt

S. E. Wigget
2 min readOct 27, 2023

The following is a short excerpt from my unpublished novel The Vanquished and the Surviving, which I intend to publish on my Substack, Whimsical Words.

Black cats banishing a demon… or watching a moth

The corridor transformed from a quiet and still space into a loud and threatening one. The demon stood at the far end of the corridor. The creature snarled, hissed, and glared with its glowing orange orbs. It wore a parody of a former French king’s garb: red-heeled and buckled shoes, pastel blue satin knee-breeches with a matching waistcoat and frockcoat rather behind the fashions.

Based on where they had espied it previously, the twins had anticipated the demon’s arrival around the corner, in the opposite direction. The demon’s eyes alighted on them instantly, and a triumphant grin appeared on its ugly, wart-covered face. Its teeth were yellow and uneven. As it grinned, drool dribbled down its chin and onto the long floral rug.

Margot and Roland simultaneously raised their hands, palms forward, and shouted, “I banish you! I banish you!”

Margot added, “I name you, furious Agolakhana Erhak! I banish you!”

The demon froze, staring at her with enormous and glowing saucer-eyes. It abruptly turned putrid, glowing green. It fizzled seemingly out of existence, but actually into the demon realm. Silence engulfed the hallway, as the twins raised their eyebrows and stood eyeing the stretch of dark corridor no longer containing a demon.

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