Compulsory Breeders will Never Experience the Joy of…

S. E. Wigget
3 min readAug 31, 2023

Instead of deleting unread all the allegedly tantalizing emails from the Dumpster Fire Formerly Known as Twitter, I clicked on one of them and ended up logging onto Dumpster Fire.

The witch who lives in this (miniature) cottage (that I made) doesn’t have children. She rocks her black cats in a cradle.

FYI, my latest visit to Dumpster Fire wasn’t that interesting. I participated in a few writer’s lifts (type #WritersCommunity for details, but I warn you it might be the same people over and over again). I blocked many transphobic trolls and bots. I also shared a few writing-related posts.

The email that inspired me to log in included a post in which someone quoted a bizarre claim that “The childless will never know the joy of”… seeing their child walking on grass for the first time, or something like that. The sharer of this made fun of it (I forget how) but was more polite than the situation warranted. If compulsory breeders think they can brainwash us into wishing we were breeders… or shame us into wishing we were breeders and/or into becoming breeders, it’s not working.

Whenever compulsory breeders say things like, “Childless people will never know the joy of…,” it’s good to have some comebacks ready. I’m trying to refrain from assuming they’re heterosexual and anti-LGBTQIA+, since some queer people do choose to be parents. However, I doubt any queer people are compulsory breeders — people who at least talk as though they seriously think everyone should have children. This is not directed at people in general who have kids — just the ones who impose their lifestyle on those of us who don’t breed.

A closer view of the Quija board

Here are some potential snappy comebacks:

“Compulsory breeders will not have the joy of never changing diapers.”

“Compulsory breeders will never know the joy of artistic creativity.”

“Compulsory breeders will never have the joy of not being basic and boring breeders.”

“Compulsory breeders will never have the joy of having imagination and true creativity.”

“Compulsory breeders will never have the joy of freedom.”



S. E. Wigget

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