Biden the Backstabber

S. E. Wigget
2 min readJun 30, 2022

President Biden claims he will protect reproductive rights, but he doesn’t deliver. I’ve never trusted him. He’s still brainwashed by his Catholic upbringing and has only publicly said the word “abortion” once this entire time. I just wrote him the following message. I emailed it, but I definitely intend to hand-write this one.

Intersectionality means all these rights under attack are interconnected.

I thought your support of bodily autonomy for people with uteruses was half-hearted, but now I know it’s not even that. You claim to support reproductive rights… but you made a deal with a devil — that soulless monster, Moscow Mitch — and chose an anti-abortion power-tripping control freak misogynist for a lifetime position on a federal court.

Your pretense at having empathy for people who have uteruses is an extremely unconvincing one. Don’t “play politics.” This is poor women’s lives with which you’re sadistically playing. You’re actively ruining people’s lives — the lives of women who have fewer rights than guns have. Meanwhile, you SHOULD be educating yourself about abortion rights, such as reading books like The Turnaway Study and Shout Your Abortion.

Without bodily autonomy, we don’t have control of our own lives. Without bodily autonomy, the patriarchal state considers us less than human. Forced pregnancy is female enslavement.

Old cishet white males have absolutely NO right to make decisions and laws about abortion or any other reproductive rights. Are there any laws about cisgender men’s bodies? As VP Kamala Harris has spelled out, no. There shouldn’t be any laws, judges, lawyers, or politicians attacking women’s bodies, trans bodies, intersex bodies, or nonbinary bodies, either.

Since you are president, if you really DID care, you’d make an executive order to codify abortion rights — not to mention the right to contraception, LGBTQIA+ marriage equality, and interracial marriage. You would codify all the rights the fascists on the supreme court are maliciously taking away.

I am delighted to announce that Cloaked Press published my story “Theater Patron” in Kaleidoscope — A Queer Anthology. Proceeds go to The Trevor Project.

Sirens Call Magazine published my horror story, “Starless Night,” in their Spring 2022, 57zine issue,

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