An Email from the Former Rapist-in-Thief

S. E. Wigget
4 min readAug 10, 2022

It’s kind of like if a witch hunter accidently sent a letter to a woman accused of witchcraft, and the letter was meant for other witch hunters.

I purchased this Guillotine necklace while the Toilet Demon was still squatting in the White House.

I inexplicably received an email that, in my inbox, indicated that it was from “Donald J. Trump.” WTF?!? The subject line is: “These are dark times for our Nation”

The email address this came from is:

At the top of this I-need-to-cleanse-my-inbox vomit fest of an email is the sentence: “THE ONLY OFFICIAL EMAIL FROM DONALD J. TRUMP.” Directly below that is a big square with bold lettering that says, “SAVE AMERICA” and at the bottom of the box, in slightly smaller lettering, it says, “Donald J. Trump.” Someone forgot to add the word “from” after “Save America.”

Adding to the vomit-ness, the email begins with “Dear Patriot.” If you’re anti-fascist and keep up with these things, you know that when fascists use the word “patriot,” they don’t mean they’re patriotic toward the United States. They mean they’re white nationalists — not just white supremacists, but full on white nationalists — who wish to live in a country that’s exclusively white and Christian. They are everything that fills me with intense disgust. And somehow my Yahoo the yahoo email address ended up on their mailing list, in addition to that of plenty of spammy scammers (the reason I now have three email addresses instead of only two).

The email was full of lies from a fascist white supremacist, Trumpist, MAGAt perspective. Vomiting. Vomiting now. I only scrolled down briefly rather than read all the transparently obvious lies and manipulation. If the banner at the top of the email isn’t deceitful, it means the Orange Menace of Putrescence (to quote Stacy Abbrams) wrote it or part of it.

This is unfathomably disgusting and… unfathomable. Why would I end up on a white nationalist mailing list?!? Why would I end up on what might actually be an email list from the Toilet Demon (to quote Lindy West) himself? I’m familiar with the expression “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer,” and apparently I followed that rather dark advice back when a narcissistic sociopath took over my life, but… no, thanks. I’ve read books by anti-fascists that are very informative about fascists, but that’s as…



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