Alien Octopi are Coming for Your Butt!

S. E. Wigget
3 min readSep 1, 2023

On the night before the full moon, I had a nightmare in which octopus-like alien parasites lodge themselves in people’s anuses or at least on their back ends.

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I see someone — maybe on tv? — with predominantly greenish-brown but also part orange octopus… with tentacles sticking out of people’s butts. (No, phone, not buttons.) Tentacles stick out, but there’s no nudity, like the aliens can somehow do this despite clothing.

It’s an alien infestation.

I’m in a basement, at work, with a woman coworker. We’re having an ordinary conversation…. and I look over at her. Instead of seeing her as she normally looks, I see a brown lump… no, two next to each other in front of a wall. From each comes an octopus, tentacles waving around.

When I look in her direction and see this, I gasp in horror and tell her. She’s amazingly calm when she explains, “I know. I’m trying to remove it.”

I turn away to get back to work… and I feel something on the back of my clothes. I look and discover that one of the octopi has jumped onto my back end and looks like a weird bustle. It’s clinging on — I’m wearing a blue dress or something bright blue. I’m frantic and start attempting to shove it off me.

Then I woke up. While I wrote my description of the dream, I laughed. Although it…



S. E. Wigget

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