A photo of my parents at a dinner theater, late 1960s or early 70s

My novel Skeleton from the Closet features somewhat exaggerated versions of some ghosts I’ve encountered.

Here’s the novel that includes a fictionalized version of my encounter with my uncle’s ghost.

A dark corridor in Akbar’s Tomb, in Agra, India

The back balcony at Schloss Nymphenburg, overlooking the formal garden

Here’s a stein like many we saw at tourist shops.

Heidelberg Schloss

Here is a miniature room in a display box — a simple wooden box that’s plain on the exterior instead of part of a dollhouse. This turned out lovely, all the walls and corners lining up properly.

S. E. Wigget

I mostly write fiction, especially paranormal and historical fantasy, under either S. E. Wigget or Susan E. Wigget. I live with cats.

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